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Download Macmillan Gateway A2 2nd Edition Student’s Book, Class Audio CD, workbook, workbook Audio CD…

Gateway 2nd Edition Learning for life Gateway 2nd edition is a 7-level course that leads teenage students to success in exams while equipping them with strong English language skills and knowledge they will need for further study and the world of work.

Gateway A2 2nd edition

The Student’s Book has been updated to reflect changes to the A2 Key for Schools exam. It includes an access code for the Digital Student’s Book and Online Workbook as well as Student’s Resource Centre. With this blended version, you can move effortlessly between online and face-to-face classes.


– Download Macmillan Gateway A2 Student’s Book 2nd Edition

– Download Macmillan Gateway A2 Class Audio CD 2nd Edition

– Download Macmillan Gateway A2 Workbook 2nd Edition

– Download Macmillan Gateway A2 Workbook Audio CD 2nd Edition

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