Đề thi học kì 1 tiếng Anh 12 SGD tỉnh Đồng Nai 2012 – 2013

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Choose the option that best completes each of the following sentences or that best substitutes or explains the underlined part in each sentence.

 8. To attract someone’s ___________so that we might speak to that person, we can use either verbal or non-verbal forms of communication.

A. attendant                            B. attention                 C. attentive                             D. attending   

9. We are a very close-knit family and very ______________of one another.

A. support                               B. supported                C. supportive                          D. supporting

10. ______________are people who always expect good things to happen.

A. Pessimists                           B. Optimists                C. Terrorists                            D. Journalists

11. In Britain, a _____________college is a college that provides education for people aged 16 and older, but that is not a university.

A. high                                    B. tertiary                    C. community                         D. secretarial

12. The academic year generally commences in September in Vietnam.

A. begins                                 B. ends                        C. interrupts                            D. continues  

13. A survey was made to find out their attitudes towards love and marriage.

A. determine                           B. maintain                 C. change                                D. take

14. Before the interview, you have to send a letter of _____________and your résumé to the company to express your interest in the job.

A. invitation                            B. confirmation          C. application                         D. complaint 

15. In England, students don’t have to pay tuition fees in _____________school.

A. public                                 B. state                                    C. independent                D. graduate

16. In a contractual marriage, the parents of the pride and the groom decide ___________the marriage.

A. to                                        B. on                           C. of                                        D. about

17. If she ___________the train last night, she ____________here now.

A. had taken/ would have been                                 B. were taking/ is.

C. took/ were                                                              D. had taken/ would be

18. – I rang at about three yesterday afternoon, but you weren’t in. I didn’t know where you were.

      – Oh, I ________Mike. We __________his car. It took ages. We were working on it all afternoon.

A. was helping/ has repaired                                      B. helped/ had repaired

C. was helping/ had repaired                                      D. had helped/ were repaired

19. I walked into the restaurant and I saw all of my friends. Stephan ____________them to join us

A. invites                                 B. has invited              C. had invited                         D. was inviting

20. A. What did the man say to you?

      B. He ______________________.

A. told to me that he sees me last week                      B. told me that I saw him last week

C. told me that he had seen me the week before        D. said me that he had seen the week before

21. He asked me _______________his advice.

A. why hadn’t I followed                                           B. why I hadn’t followed

C. why didn’t I follow                                                D. why I not to follow

22. Our tests ____________by the head teacher but our class teacher told us the results.

A. marked                               B. were marked          C. did mark                            D. were mark

23. My brother is having a party tonight and you _______________.

A. are invited                          B. invite                      C. has invited                         D. be invited.


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