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 Câu ước hay còn gọi là wish sentences nếu bạn quan sát kỹ sẽ thấy một phần giống câu điều kiện. Ước cho tương lai công thức giống mệnh đề chính của câu điều kiện loại 2, Ước cho hiện tại công thức giống mệnh đề if của câu điều kiện loại 2 và Ước cho quá khứ công thức giống mệnh đề if của câu điều kiện loại 3. Các bạn xem lại công thức trước khi làm bài tập áp dụng nha! 

1. Ước cho Tương lai: S + WISH + S + would/ could + V bare-infinitive

Eg1: We wish you could come to the party tonight. (= You can’t come.)

Eg2: Mary wishes that she would come with us. (= She won’t come with us.)

* Ước điều gì đó trái với tương lai

 2. Ước cho Hiện tại: S + WISH + S + V-2/-ed/ were

Eg3: I wish that I had enough time to finish my homework. (= I don’t have enough time)

Eg4: He wishes he were rich. (= He is not rich.)

* Ước điều gì đó trái với hiện tại

 3. Ước cho Quá khứ: S + WISH + S + had + V-3/-ed

Eg5: I wish that I had gone to the cinema last night. (= I didn’t go to the cinema.)

Eg6: She wishes she had been here yesterday. (= She wasn’t here yesterday.)

* Ước điều gì đó trái với quá khứ

 Lưu ý:

1. Có WISH không dùng WILL

2. Ngoài ra, WISH còn có chức năng như một Động từ thường; WISH + TO infinitive

Eg7: He wishes to go home now. (wish = want = would like)


1.      I wish I _______ speak Spanish.

            A. should                   B. could                     C. can                         D. will

2.      My sister wishes she _______ to play the piano when she was young.

            A. learnt                     B. would learn          C. had learnt              D. would have learnt 

3.      I wish someone _______ to help me with that word tomorrow.

            A. offer                      B. offered                  C. would offer           D.  had offered

4.      I wish I _______ there for my holiday year. I didn’t enjoy it.

            A. didn’t go               B. hadn’t gone          C. wouldn’t go          D. would rather go

5.      He wishes he _______ the examination last month.

           A. didn’t fail               B. hadn’t failed         C. weren’t failing     D. couldn’t have failed

6.      I wish he _______ to me more often.

            A. writes                    B. wrote                     C. have written         D. is writing

7.      I wish he _______ more time now to help you with your lesson

            A. have                       B. had                         C. would have           D. had had

8.      I wish I _______ psychology when I was a college student.

            A. had studied           B. would study          C. studied                  D. study

9.      If only I _______ play the guitar as well as you.

            A. would                    B. should                   C. could                     D. might

10. I wish I _______ my letter of application earlier.

            A. wrote                     B. had written           C. could write           D. should write

11. He spent only three years in college. He wishes he _______.

            A. had finished                                             B. finished                

            C. will have finished                                    D. will finish

12. He won’t apologize of breaking it. I wish _______.

            A. he would               B. he did                    C. he didn’t               D. he will

13. My friend won’t lend me his car. I wish _______.

            A. He lent me his car                                   B. He didn’t lend me his car

            C. he would lend me his car                       D. he will lend me his car

14. My mother isn’t free today. I wish _______.

            A. my mother is free today                        B. my mother won’t be busy today

            C. my mother would be free today           D. my mother were free today.

15. I’m afraid our team will lose the game today. I wish _______.

            A. our team won the game today               B. our team would win the game today

            C. our team had won the game today        D. our team didn’t lose the game today

16. It wasn’t fine yesterday. I wish _______.

            A. it was fine yesterday                               B. it would fine yesterday

            C. it will fine yesterday                               D. it had been fine yesterday

17. My friends didn’t take part in the game. I wish _______.

            A. My friends took part in the game

            B. My friends had taken part in the game

            C. My friends would take part in the game

            D. My friends did take part in the game

18.  My sister can’t speak Vietnamese.

            A. I wish my sister to speak Vietnamese

            B. I wish my sister could speak Vietnamese

            C. Speaking Vietnamese is a wish

            D. My sister wishes to be spoken Vietnamese

19.  It’s a pity. I can’t play chess.

            A. I wish I can play chess.                           B. I wish I could played chess.

            C. I wish I play chess.                                  D. I wish I could play chess.

20.  Lan didn’t apply for the job in the library and regrets it now.

            A. Lan wishes she had applied for in the library.

            B. Lan wishes she have applied for the job in the library.

            C. Lan wishes she has applied for the job in the library.

            D. Lan wishes she applies for the job in the library.


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